Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Rule of Eights

Here's a suggestion for keeping individual games in perspective -- a problem right now for Caps fans eager to repeat last year's glory.

Let's say 100 points is the goal (the Caps got into the playoffs with 94 last season; five teams had 100+).

It's an 82-game season.

So, split the season into eight-game blocks. (Why eight? Well, Ovie is 8, for one thing; hence, The Rule of Eights.)

To reach 100 points, you need 10 points every 8 games.

Now let's look at the Caps' first eight games. They've got four points in three games, so they need six points in the remaining five games of this eight-game block. That means going 3-2 (not allowing for overtime points). A loss tonight (and the Caps should feel free to win this one, by all means!) just means doing a little better in the next four games to stay on track.

Didn't Boudreau do something like this with his young Caps last year? Might be a good thing for Caps fans, who seem to wildly swing between "the Caps are one of the NHL's elite" to "we need to gut the roster" with every loss.

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  1. It was Hanlon that took this approach with the team at the beginning of last season. Didn't work too well for him though.

  2. It's a good way to keep track of the season as a fan, but as we saw from Hanlon, it's not a great way to coach.

  3. We've been a fan of this for a while, but being of the "metric" sort, we prefer to think in ten-game segments. If a team gets 12 points every ten games, that's 96 points. They win the last two, and that's 100.

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  5. Tilly, Tilly Caps Fan
    Perseverating #'s like Rainman
    Though it may feel like home
    You'll be ever alone
    'till NOT keeping score is the plan ...


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