Tuesday, October 21, 2008

CK presents create-a-rule!

On Thursday Gary Bettman and NHL officials will meet to discuss some possible rule changes.

So with that on the horizon, what rules would you change in the NHL and what would you add?

Here's my changes...

10-minute 4-4 OT then shootout
Five minutes isn't enough time for OT and nobody really enjoys the shootout. 4-4 for 10 minutes would resolve most games in the OT period and players such as Ovechkin, Crosby and Kane would be allowed to run wild on the open ice.

Remove the trapezoid
Why they implemented this rule I haven't a clue. Let the goalies roam and handle the puck more. In return they should also be fair game for hitting.

Coach's review
If the NFL and MLB have it, maybe the NHL can have a version of it. Some penalties should be reviewable, but an upheld decision will result in the loss of the coach's timeout. This should not apply to goals.

Shootout lineup shake up
The coaches should decide the first three shooters in the shootout for the opposing team. I know it's never going to fly but, hey, it would force nonoffensive players to show some stick skills.

Out with the instigator penalty
Just get rid of it, end of story.

Helmets should be customizable
Let Ovie show his wild side. Wouldn't it be great if player helmets could be painted like goalie masks?

Penalties at end of OT should carry over to shootout
If you're on the PK at the end of the OT period, the opposing team should be able to choose one player who cannot be in the first three shooters in the SO.

Maroon Gary Bettman
Gary Bettman should be left on a desert island with a bottle of rum and a pistol with one bullet.

Leave some of your rules, zany or serious!

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  1. interesting thoughts on rule changes, the instigator has to go, but that will most likely be the only one to go, other than maybe the delay of game when you shoot it over the glass.

    they'll most likely keep the trapezoid because it changes the dynamic of the fore check, plus i think keeping it in would benefit a team such as the Caps with their 4th line specifically.


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