Thursday, October 9, 2008

Capitals Kremlin prediction thread

The season is upon us, and that also means the first Capitals Kremlin pre-cap is just hours away too! So in the fashion of many of our other great Capitals bloggers, it's time for a prediction post!

Instead of the typical, let's predict some "off the wall" stats and please join in with your own in the comment section! So here we go!

Alex Semin

Alex the lesser will have an equal amount of lazy penalties (hooking and slashing to be exact) and goals this season.

Nicklas Backstrom

"Backis" will lead the team in assists, record an 70 point season, and will be ignored for All-Star considerations.

Michael Nylander

Will lead the league in trade rumors. His wife will ensure he stays in Washington.

Donald Brashear

The Don will have his best season in scoring. He will record a Gordie Howe hat-trick this season. He will be given three game mis-conducts. Don Cherry will accuse him of backing down from a fight twice.

Alexander Ovechkin

Alex Ovechkin will have a new girlfriend for each month, including playoff months. Ovechkin will lead the league in goals, but will still be dogged by Mike Milbury. Ovechkin will record a Gordie Howe hat-trick this season, most likely against Pittsburgh, Philadelphia or Buffalo.
John Erskine

Will be the most "scratched," defender, with Karl Alzner taking his place for those games.

0 Goals scored against Kolzig in first meeting

The Tampa Bay Lightning will not start Olie Kolzig against his former team in their first meeting. The Capitals will win 5-2. Brooks Laich will be the third star.

8 games

The longest win streak the Capitals will go on this season.

Enjoy and please post your own! Remember it's all in fun, so take it that way!

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  1. * Ovechkin will unveil a trick shot, honed in Russia this summer, for the NHL All-Star Game's version of the NBA dunk contest. Has he perfected the flip-it-in-the-air-and whack-it-in-around-the-back shot that he tried last year?

    * Green will show last year wasn't a fluke: he still can't ride a Segway!

    * Leonsis will lobby for construction of a Hershey, Pa., Metrorail station to ease travel times for Alzner and Bourque.

    * The Caps will launch a Rock-the-Third-Jersey promotion.


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