Friday, October 24, 2008

Capitals vs Coyotes post-game thoughts

Another great Theodore game wasted, another 2-1 loss.

8 game segment #1 = 9 points max, 7 points min.

Thank God for puck-moving defensemen...
How many passes in our defensive zone went right to the sticks of the Coyotes?

"Ovechkin whiffs on a wrister!"
Very tired of hearing this line from Joe B. Seems like that is the story of the season for Ovechkin so far.

Tough break Theo
You really can't blame Theodore for the losses at all. He has looked great in both games, and because of his efforts the games were 2-1, not 5-1. It seems like our offense only plays well when our goalies are a liability...

Ovechkin's and Backstrom's slumps are killing team chemistry. You can see they are trying everything in their power to score, but for some reason the absence of Kozlov has an effect. Ovie and Backis looked better with Kozlov but with Clark it's disjointed.

How to stop the Capitals PP for dummies
Seems like every power play we can never truly set up. The Flames and Coyotes just rushed our players and pushed them off the puck easily. When the PP is set up, the shots from the point can't make it through and the slot passes are always bouncing. Although the Caps had one PPG, it still needs a lot of work.

More wasted efforts
The Capitals penalty kill looked terrific. Semin made a beautiful move playing keepaway for a good 15 seconds helping kill a PK. In the end the Capitals couldn't generate momentum from the PK. Am I the only one who doesn't care for Ovechkin on the PK? I understand his "threat," but right now he's no more a threat than David Steckel. Semin on the other hand has used his stick handling to kill time on the PK. So in short, Semin on PK yes, Ovie no.

Just #*@!)# shoot it Backstrom
Two seconds -- that's how long Backstrom held on to the puck in the 3rd on a great scoring opportunity from a prime scoring location. Where did he shoot? Into the goalie's chest...ugh. Sometimes you just gotta unleash the dragon Backis...

Streak over
The Capitals have ended the streak of not losing after back-to-back losses in the regular season under Boudreau.


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