Monday, October 20, 2008

Can we get over it already?

As if Pittsburgh fans had nothing better to do than dwell on last Thursday's 4-3 loss to the Caps, here's a column about the escalating Ovechkin-Malkin rivalry.

The writer seems to think Ovechkin decided to go after Malkin for no reason at all.

I wonder if he watched the game I did in which Malkin boarded Semin and then recieved a 2-minute minor that should have been a major.

Malkin's hit on Semin was the catalyst for Ovechkin's rampage, not the "club" incident a year ago when Ovechkin allegedly punched Malkin's agent or last season's blown hit in January.

Ovechkin was simply standing up for his teammate who had received a questionable hit earlier. Usually this is where an enforcer does the dirty work, but with Brashear out and Bradley already bloodied Ovechkin stepped up and delivered the punishment himself.

So Pittsburgh fans, had it been Ovechkin boarding Crosby and skating away with only a 2-minute minor, wouldn't you have loved to see someone step up and punish the offender?

I rest my case.

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