Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random Thoughts: Caps and Canes (11/12)

What a game, right? Well here's some musings I had during the game.

Powered by Ovechkin
I've said it before and I'll say it again here. When Ovechkin gets on the scoreboard early, his enthusiasm infects the entire team. His electricity after the 1st goal could have powered that arena and ultimately set the tone for the night.

That's what I call clutch
While I may have been dogging Jose Theodore recently for poor play, he really stepped up tonight and saved the win for Johnson. He was awarded the hard hat award, and I couldn't agree more.

Credit Brooks Laich with a morale-assist. His screen of Leighton is the reason Green's goal was scored. Now if only we could do that every PP.

Boo-bird infestation
There is really nothing sweeter than hearing an opposing team's boos on the road, especially when they are directed at their own team. Also, did anyone else notice that the fans were booing when Semin was holding the puck? I guess that late goal still stirs some emotions.

Raise your hand if you're a jerk
Seems like the refs called everything tonight. Could have used that a few days ago.

Hard Hat honorable mention
If I had to choose one other player for the Hard Hat Award, It would have to be Tomas Fleischman. His game has elevated, and his hustle is superb. While he may not have the scoring hands of Semin, he is generating chances on the rush on his own. Mark my words, he is a sleeping volcano and one of these games he is going to erupt. Boom!

Who do you call up?
Depending on the severity of Johnson's injury, the Capitals may call up a goaltender from Hershey. While many fans would love to see Russian Simeon Varlamov, I imagine it would likely be Daren Machesney. One, Varlamov can't speak English well, and two, he is still getting used to the North American game. I want to see Varlamov as much as the next person, but Machesney is the safe bet.

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