Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mr. Kolzig goes back to Washington

With Olie Kolzig rumored to start against his former team on Monday, let's break down some possible scenarios and how to react to them.

#1: Kolzig gets blown out and/or yanked in favor of Mike Smith
As an Olie fan, I hope this doesn't happen. With Tampa Bay's owners already trade happy, an embarrassing game for Olie could mean we never see him start against the Caps again. Also I fear that the Verizon Center crowd may serenade him with the classic "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLIIIIIIIIIEEEEE" that has haunted him in Penguins games.

#2: Kolzig plays to a one-goal loss, overtime or shootout
A good showing for Olie would be nice to see. He hasn't been terrible this season but his best days are behind him. With a possible match against his friend Brent Johnson, who is on the rise, a goaltender's duel would be a real treat.

#3 Olie Kolzig records a shutout.
If Kolzig shuts out the Capitals, then the Verizon Center must do this:

Which scenario do you think will happen?


  1. Given the Caps' propensity to make every game exciting, I think a one-goal Kolzig loss is most likely -- with Johnson getting an assist on the game-winning goal! More importantly, what's the protocol for the first return-in-opposition of a beloved former goalie? A good-natured boo? One last Olie-Olie chant? Or a polite acknowledgment followed by game-on?

  2. Don't know where else to ask this, Capitals Kremlin, so I'll do it here. Perhaps you or your fellow bloggers can answer these hockey-newbie questions before I'm forced to ask Joe B. and Locker.

    1. What is an "energy line"? Is that just a euphemism for the fourth line, or is it a line with a special purpose?

    2. What does it mean to have "the last change" and why is that an advantage (if it is)?

  3. hey CK, i really hope that #2 is what ends up happening in tonight's game. Though he is definitely past his prime, Kolzig gave the Caps all he could in his final years wearing the uniform.

    i made him the focal point of my pre-game thoughts for Monday's match-up.

    tilly i believe i can answer your question

    1. an energy line usually is your 3rd of 4th line, they aren't a scoring line but they are leaned upon to go out and create "energy" for the team to build on. this could be through laying a bone jarring hit, registering a flurry of shots or even just cycling the puck well in the offensive zone. basically they are used to build momentum for your 1st and 2nd lines and chip in the odd goal here and there.

    2. the last change is awarded to the home team in every match and it means that you send out your lines after your opponent sends out theirs. it is adventageous to have if you are trying to match-up your lines against the opposite team.

    for example, in last years Stanley Cup finals, the Red Wings would often put counter Sidney Crosby by putting out Henrik Zetterberg to shut him down defensively. It's also big on faceoffs as you can put out your best face off centerman to take draws in your own zone and counter the oppositions best center man.

    hope that helps you!

  4. Thanks, TJ CAPS8. Don't know if you'll wander back this way, but one more question about "last change": I was under the impression that teams could change any time they wanted to (obviously you try to do it when you're not going to get caught), so how is it that the home team always manages to be the last one to change?

  5. hey tilly, it only applies on face offs, otherwise you are correct, teams can change lines at any time.


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