Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pre-cap: Capitals vs. Blue Jackets

Alexander the Great and King Karl played a large role in the Capitals latest statement win, and while fans of stay-at-home defensemen might be tempted to order a red #27, (hint hint) tonight's match will test the Hershey call-ups endurance.

Sure they have back-to-back games in the AHL, but needless to say, the AHL is not the NHL.

Who will get injured on the road tonight? Who will we call up to replace them? What the hell is our cap situation anyway?

Who cares when you're winning, pre-cap time!

Washington Capitals (13-7-3, last game 3-0 win over Montreal)
Columbus Blue Jackets (9-10-3, last game 5-3 loss to Detroit)

The story so far...
A huge night in net, rugged defensive play and a few lucky bounces put the Capitals over the Habs on Wednesday. While the Capitals dominate at home, their road trips leave much to be desired. The Capitals will need to dig deep and fight off last night's fatigue to get the win.

Key players
WSH: Chris Bourque
For most of the Hershey call-ups, tonight might be the last chance to show off their moves. While Bourque may stay around longer than tonight's game, some of the Capitals injured forwards will soon make their return to the line-up and somebody will have to go. Bourque has played well in the past two games, and has show a tremendous ability to be a small, pesky forward. While he may not stay with the Caps all season, here is a chance to shine on the road and show what he is made of.
CBJ: Rick Nash
NHL 2k9 cover boy and Columbus super-star Rick Nash will likely set the tone for the Blue Jackets tonight. He will provide the Capitals top defensive lines with a challange, and with the amount of ice-time Alzner is seeing, we will likely see Alzner defend against the Blue Jacket's top player. Nash has 4 goals against the Capitals in five games, but is a -4.

Saved by Theo! Start for Johnson
Tonight Brent Johnson will get the start (unless Boudreau flips the role as he has done before) despite Theodore's shutout last night. Makes sense, a shutout against one of the top teams in the NHL (an All-star team too!) and a road trip, a rested Johnson is the best start. Oh did I mention that Johnson is 9-1-2-0 against the Blue Jackets?

Hoisting the water bottle
As I mentioned before Rick Nash was the cover boy for NHL 2k9. Here is his commercial for the game.

Their last meeting
Last time the Capitals played the Blue Jackets, you could really accuse the refs of trying to influence the game. While skating backwards, Shaone Morrisonn was knocked over by a referee(McCreary) while defending the rush. Here's the highlights and the incident. McCreary inteferes around 3:30.

A top Ten list for you
Top 10 Rejected Blue Jackets Marketing Slogans
  1. Hey, It's Something To Do When The Buckeyes Aren't Playing
  2. At Least We're Better Than The Islanders
  3. We Promise To Crush Any Small-Time, Smart-Ass Publishers Who Write Papers About Us
  4. Give Us Five Years And Then We Might Be Good
  5. We've Never Been Dumped In The First Round Of The Playoffs
  6. Gary Bettman Thinks Columbus Is A Major-League City
  7. Don't Worry About Saving Up For Playoff Tickets
  8. We'll Make Everyone Forget The Cleveland Barons . . . Oh, Wait, Never Mind
  9. We're Not Losers, We're "Victory Challenged"
  10. We Have No Idea What The Hell A Blue Jacket Is Either
found at Section 303


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