Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pre-Cap: Capitals vs. Hurricanes

With a chance to stake full claim to the Southeast Division top slot, and riding a three-game win streak, the Caps travel to Carolina for the first time this season.

Will Ovie unleash a few dragons into the net? (I'm going to make this slogan common vernacular, I tell you!)

Washington Capitals (8-4-2, last game 4-2 win over Tampa)
Carolina Hurricanes (8-5-2, last game 5-2 loss to Atlanta)

The story so far...
After shellacking former Capital Olie Kolzig in the first period Monday night, the Caps now face a younger goalie with a considerably better team surrounding him. Oh, did I mention the Capitals won the last meeting with 10 seconds left? This Southeast Division rivalry is in full swing, and it's only November.

Key Players
WSH: Alex Ovechkin, Brent Johnson
CAR: Cam Ward, Eric Staal, Michael Leighton

Some food for thought
When Ovechkin is exiting a slump, he usually does it with bundles of goals. The Peerless Prognosticator details this in his gameday post. Ovie's longest drought before this? 7 games. The aftermath? 6 goals in 3 games.
If you thought the "Learn Swedish with Professor Backstrom" video was bad, just wait until you see current Cane (former Blackhawk) Tuomo Ruutu ask fans to spell Finnish words.

Johnny on the spot
In four consecutive starts, Brent Johnson has a 1.5 GAA. He was named third star of the week last week and first star in the game against the Lightning. According to interviews on Caps365, Johnson recalls the last time he started this many games in a row was in 2007 when Olie Kolzig was injured. Before that, 2001-2002, when he was the starter in St. Louis.

It doesn't matter which hand he beats you with
As I have stated, this Southeast Division rivalry is boiling quickly, and last week's fight between Brookbank and Brashear could very well be revisited tonight. Check it out from a fan's perspective in this video.

Brass Bonanza
If you're in the mood for a little hockey history lesson, go check out Brass, to revisit the Hartford Whalers' (not the Hurricanes') glory days.

Semin and Ovie aren't the only pillow fighters in this town...
In the Semin interview that never ends, we learned Ovie and Semin have some pretty "crazy" pillow fights on the road. Seems like Eric Staal and Jordan Staal make for some good pillow fighters too. Maybe we can throw some on the ice and have one at center ice...or not.


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  1. the "learn Swedish with Professor Backstrom" video (also known as "how many ways you can rape Swedish language" video) was, and still is, a lot worse than that Ruutu video ("how many ways you can misspell jokerit, a crappy team in Finland") ...

    pillow fight competition would be great intermission entertainment


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