Monday, November 24, 2008

Bruised and bloodied: What's a GM to do?

Pothier - D - Out indefinitely
Semin - F - Day to day
Green - D - Day to day
Fedorov - F - Day to day
Schultz - D - Broken finger
Gordon - F - Injured in first, did not return

The Capitals trek out west did more damage to the team than it did to their place in the standings. Despite going 1-3 in the past six days, the Capitals are still the Southeast Division's top dog. The Caps can thank the Hurricanes for that.

But the situation now isn't so much getting back to winning ways, but more or less filling the holes on the roster. With the team already at the salary cap roof, there isn't much wiggle room for the Capitals.

Couple that with the creative line combos Boudreau had to throw together (Laich, Flash, Ovie, Nylander, Sloan) and you have a recipe for fan panic.

So what is GMGM to do?

Option #1: Call up the most inexpensive players on the roster.

Japers Rink provides us with this great tool to let us know who might get the call-up salary wise.

On the forward side of the situation, you have Keith Aucoin, Quintin Laing, Chris Bourque and on defense, Patrick McNeil and Sami Lepisto.

McNeil is more or less an enforcer so he is unnecessary with Bradley and Brashear in town, but Lepisto has already seen NHL action and would be a good Band-Aid for a team that sorely misses Mike Green.

Laing and Aucoin are the cheapest players on Hershey available for call-up and have been successful at the AHL level. Aucoin leads the Bears in points while Laing is having the type of season you'd expect of a grinder.

Option #2: Trade Nylander

The rumors are out there, and with the Capitals deep at center the only thing barring the move that we know of could be Nylander's no-movement-clause. Although if the Capitals were to ship Nylander out of town, it would free up $4.875 million in cap room, but would likely bring in an equal amount in the form of other players.

Option #3: Get creative

There is only so much you can do with the current stock of players, but with the team at the cap roof there may not be another option. Sure a player might be called up, but beyond that, someone might have to fill a role that they are foreign to.

So what do you do?

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