Monday, April 6, 2009

Best "Jersey Foul" Ever? And Sgt. Pepper Rocks the Red

There are days you tell yourself, "I'm not going to take my camera with me to the game" and days you're so happy you decided not to follow through on the previous statement.

Sunday was one of those days. Not only did I get a photo op with "Ted Leonsis," but I also witnessed the coolest "jersey foul" I've seen at the Verizon Center.

Alex Ovechkin, Alex Semin, Nicklas Backstrom, Mike Green, Brooks Laich and Eric Fehr? With those players on your team, it's hard to choose just any one to wear on your jersey, so why not wear them all? Laich's and Fehr's numbers were on the shoulders.

This one caught me by surprise. An homage to the Beatles or perhaps a nickname? Either way, I'm sure the goons in the PuckDaddy comments will have a field day with it if it ends up there.

Not a "jersey foul," but a funny fan in the crowd sporting the Ovie hat, Dolce Gabbana shades and a Canadian flag.


  1. Those are great! I especially love the last photo.

  2. Great Pic's I can't wait till I can get the #8 white jersey for my wall in the office. I have been waiting for too long but I just can't part with the money right now.


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