Thursday, September 25, 2008

Matt Bradley, Captain and Cut-up

I bring this question to the table. Who gives a funnier interview? Ovechkin or Bradley?

Ovie easily gets more interview opportunities, but when Bradley has a chance to speak with the press, it seems he is always making the most of it.

For example his comments on his first victory as captain.

“My record [as captain] speaks for itself. The guys were ready to go. I just basically went out there and do what I do - I got the game-winner.”

or let's not forget this incredible moment from the 07-08 season.

After getting the game winning shoot-out goal, Bradley reportedly declared himself a "shoot-out specialist," and was going to hold a seminar for the team after practice.

Another great Bradley moment comes when he wrote his ,"5 ways I'd change the NHL," article for Puckdaddy.

He offered this great tidbit of advice for Gary Bettman.

"4. Goalies are blindfolded for shootouts. We had a shootout go 12 rounds this year without a goal. It got so bad I had to hop over the bench and take things into my own hands."

Read his whole list, it's hilarious, especially the one about being on Ovechkin's line.

Another great Bradley quote came after the Capitals slaughtered the Boston Bruins in March. Sitting at 9 goals, Bradley scored the 10th, later telling the press "I gave the people what they wanted."

Sadly Bradley will not play in tonight's game, but it's safe to say his post-game comment is a leader for 08-09 quote of the year.

He's like the Chad Johnson of the Capitals without the ego and ocho-psycho attitude.

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