Monday, September 22, 2008

Capitals Intro Movie Filming

According to our friends from the Capitals Message Board, the Caps filmed their pre-game intro movie tonight at the State Theatre in Falls Church, Va.

The intro looks like it will involve the catch phrase "Rock the Red," and have something to do with music and umm...rocking.

Photos from the event are sure to surface soon but this YouTube video of Brooks Laich "rocking," out showed up on the message board. Here he is playing "You shook me all night long," from AC/DC.

Should have played "Don't stop believing," in my opinion.

Here is one report from poster LMC

"Players who were there: Ovie, Semin, Backstrom, Theodore, Green, Laich, Clark, Brads, and Brash.

It was a bit tedious, a cool process, great to see folks, and kind of cool to see the guys in a different setting. I may have nightmares about Sasha in guyliner (the guys had on tons of makeup). As CapsDC said, he looked like Nick Rhodes (sp?).

I welcomed JT to DC and he thanked me, and I heard him tell someone else he really likes it here. There was some good opportunity to interact with the players. And athough I've never cared about meeting them, it was cool to touch Ovie. cool.gif

Oh and Nicky was rocking red underwear.

I'm sure someone else has a better report. The making of the video is being made into a TSN feature. "

Thanks to JMUAndy05 for the video.

UPDATE: A few more videos courtesy of SeminSecretion of the CMB.

Starting the video

Brooks Laich plays "What's My Age Again," with a Fan. Jose Theodore on drums.

Fans cheer as the boys show up in a "rocking," car.

Once again thanks to Semin Secretion for the videos.

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  1. Enjoyed your pre-Caps last year, Capitals Kremlin. Looking forward to a great new season!


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