Friday, July 11, 2008

Who should stay and who should go? (if necessary)

If you've been following the Capitals free agency at all, your more than likely aware of the coming salary cap crunch.

Basically, as many other blogs have pointed out, the Capitals have somewhere in the region of $2.98 million of free cap space BARRING that Brian Pothier does not play this season. (All signs point to no)

While Laich and Fehr's contracts are arguably just, it pretty much is Fedorov's colossus $4 million-one-year deal that placed the crunch on the Caps.

As of today, a main cog is the Capitals defensive scheme still remains unsigned, and pending arbitration, Shaone Morrisonn. On top of that, another key player, and penalty killer, Boyd Gordon remains unsigned.

So with under $3 million to work with, and an arbitration hearing pending, who is the odd man out? Or better yet, which currently signed player should be packing his bags for another club?

Both players have equal reason to be resigned, and equal reason we do not want to see them on another club. Morrisonn is the safe-man to Green's wild offensive style, while JP (Japer's Rink) does a better job than I could ever do detailing Gordon's importance.

It's obvious that Morrisonn will likley win his arbitration, and earn a $2 million plus contract, but keeping Gordon will be tricky as the Cap space will quickly dissapate.

So to my readers (if there are any) who do you keep? Who from the main roster should pack thier bags? Or do you really think we can keep both with just $3 million?

Seems like many Caps fans are willing to depart with Fleischmann easily. I wouldn't mind seeing Brashear sent away (like he fights anymore anyway...) I could live without Gordon being signed, but like Laich, he is not easily replaced.

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