Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pray for Olie......

I know its not Capitals news, but the Kolzig fan in me feels this needs to be addressed.

The Tampa Bay Lightning as of now are setting up Olie and youngster Mike Smith for GAA hell.

A look at the Lightning's recent Free Agent signing shows a serious commitment to offense, and why not? Lecavalier, St. Louis, Prospal, Stamkos and newly acquired Mark Recchi, Tampa is going to be one scary team offensively.

But for Kolzig, it may be all to similar to the post lock-out Capitals.

A team that had offensive firepower, but left him out to dry when the puck crossed their blue line. When the Capitals finally got half-way capable defensemen in front of him, Kolzig just wasn't "Godzilla," anymore.

So how will Kolzig fair with yet another rebuilding team, with another set of "meh" to "okay," defensemen?

Let me list off a few names and see how you react, thinking if this was the Capitals defensive unit for the 08-09 season....Paul Ranger.....Filip Kuba.....Mike Lundin.....ok you get the picture. Aside from Kuba and Ranger (whom are best offensively) it's slim pickings.

While I love Olie and want to see him succeed, I fear that the Tampa Bay Lightning will become the NHL's target practice.

Sure Tampa may have the offense to put up three to four goals a night, but with no defense, the celebrations will be short lived.

Good luck Tampa, I hope your new owner's realize that without a defense, it is likely to be a long and frustrating rebuild, and if your so upset about your rebuild, Capitals fans are here to mediate, we've been there.

Dear God, please don't end Olie's career with a 3.5 GAA for 08-09.

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