Thursday, July 3, 2008

Capitals sign Keith Aucoin

Not the signing everyone wants, but the Capitals opened day 3 of free agency signing Aucoin to a 2 year deal. Details about the contract are sure to come, but this looks like another "minor," signing.

The contract comes at $475,000 for year one if he played every game with the Caps, and then $500,000 for the years after that, same circumstance.

Also, the first year of the contract is 2-way, meaning he's going to be a staple in Hersey. The remaining years are 1-way, assuming he reaches a level to warrant a slot on the NHL club, but that's easier said that done.

The Center position is already full, and possibly getting even more crowded. (should Fedorov and Laich resign) Being a young center on the Hershey Bears means your either getting traded, will need a hot streak for a call up, need a swath of injuries to plague the NHL club, or your going to have to wait to prove yourself in the NHL.

Aucoin could work his way to the Capitals, but any time soon is doubtful. He's more or less a supplement for the Bears.

Best of luck to Aucoin and here's to hoping Aucoin will treat Bears fans to some goals and another Calder Cup.

And as usual, here's what a quick google search brings us.

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  1. Meh, not sure if I'm all about the Caps just seemingly stockpiling mediocre D-men. The back line is already pretty crowded especially if Alzner is as ready as people are saying.

    I guess it's good to have more depth (even if it's in Hershey) and the news coming from Pothier looks like he'll probably miss a good chunk of this season at the least. With Emminger gone (who filled in pretty well during the playoffs) I can see GM GM grabbing someone like Aucoin, but it looks like we'll enter the year again without a big veteran puck moving defensemen we could pair with Green (the ideal situation).

    Anyways, cool blog Reed. Keep it up.

    -Will from down the street


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